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23.03.2023: Ready for the future – generational renewal on the Management Board of Oberbank AG

At today’s meeting, the Supervisory Board of Oberbank appointed Isabella Lehner as a new member to the Management Board of Oberbank AG. She will start in her new position on 1 May 2023 and succeeds Josef Weißl who is resigning from the Management Board at his own request. This opens the way for a new generation on the Management Board of Oberbank AG.


“By appointing Isabella Lehner, we are continuing the generational renewal on the Management Board of Oberbank," said Andreas König, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, commenting on the appointment. He also explained: "It was important for us to fill this position from within our own ranks, thus continuing our successful strategy of developing internal staff for positions on the Management Board from Oberbank's."

All responsibilities that were previously the remit of Management Board Florian Hagenauer including back office topics are now shared by two Board members. This is also in line with the expectations of the ECB for directly supervised banks, as became clear during the strategy project “Fit4EZB”.


Isabella Lehner will take over responsibility from Florian Hagenauer for organisational development, digitalisation & IT, and for the subsidiaries Oberbank Service GmbH and 3 Banken IT GmbH, and will also be the Board member in charge of sustainability at Oberbank.

Isabella Lehner (36) joined Oberbank in 2011 after graduating from Johannes Kepler University Linz with a degree in economics and since then has worked in a leading role on the development of Oberbank's digital services. Already in 2016, she was assigned management responsibilities for Online Marketing and Digital Services. In 2020, she was appointed Head of Personal Banking and in this position advanced the digitalisation of retail customer products and optimized internal processes. Since January 2022, she has been on the management team of the Strategic Organisational Development, Digitalisation & IT Department.


Based on the excellent performance of Martin Seiter who has responsibility for Sales, the Supervisory Board, at the request of the Nominations Committee, prolonged his mandate for another five years until 30 September 2028.


Foto credit: Sabine Kneidinger

This first successful step in generational renewal also makes the resignation of 64-year-old Josef Weißl – long-time partner of CEO Franz Gasselsberger – from the Management Board easier. Josef Weißl will gladly provide advice and support should his expertise and excellent customer contacts be needed.
Josef Weißl looks back at 40 years of successful work at Oberbank, 15 of them in a management function for the Bank's Salzburg operations, and since 2005, as a member of the Management Board.

"I cannot thank Josef Weißl enough for decades of working together productively. It is our common understanding that we are gradually making way for the next generation," said CEO Franz Gasselsberger, paying tribute to his fellow Board member.
As of 1 June 2023, the Management Board of Oberbank will consist of CEO Franz Gasselsberger, Florian Hagenauer, Martin Seiter and Isabella Lehner.


01.03.2023: Zmena sadzobníka poplatkov pre firemných klientov

Vážená klientka, vážený klient,
dovoľujeme si Vás informovať, že s účinnosťou od 01.04.2023 sa mení Sadzobník poplatkov pre firemných klientov.
Sadzobník poplatkov pre firemných klientov platný od 01.04.2023


28.02.2023: Zmena sadzobníka poplatkov pre privátnych klientov

Vážená klientka, vážený klient,
dovoľujeme si Vás informovať, že s účinnosťou od 01.05.2023 sa mení Sadzobník poplatkov pre privátnych klientov.
Sadzobník poplatkov pre privátnych klientov platný od 01.05.2023


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